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My name is Paul Blackboro, I am the Director at Vfirst accountancy. We specialise in submitting Ltd company accounts and self assessment returns for greyhound trainers. I have been an owner and an admirer of greyhounds since I was 10 years old walking the dogs on a Sunday at Hackney stadium. I have two wonderful ex racers as pets and I have been part of the industry all my life.

Having completed submissions for trainers previously it is this understanding of the industry and the financial constraints that are in the world today that has led me to start up this service.
We at Vfirst offer a low cost accountancy service to trainers and workers within the greyhound industry. We are happy to get involved at any stage of your development, right from setting up and registering through to submitting your returns.

We have experts in the fields ranging from large Ltd company operations to small operations, we also provide assistance on benefits and allowances that may be available to you as you are starting or continuing your business through more challenging times.

We also can offer business advice, appraisals, website design and marketing acumen through the wealth of experience we have gained within industry and through our specialised marketing teams.

I am not out to shock people but with HMRC fines of anything from £100 to £1000 for late or incomplete returns this is no laughing matter. That is why I will personally arrange an affordable quote from as little as £10 per month to ensure that you are able to get on with the hard and selfless work of working with greyhounds. Please e-mail or call and I will be happy to tailor a package to your personal situation.


We are made up of a number of professionals ranging from Qualified accountants to financial Directors, I myself have over 25 years experience completing returns from sole traders right up to multi million pound organisations.


At Vfirst we are made up of a number of professionals working within the private sector today.

All of our staff are comitted to the greyhound industry and have a deep respect for the work that goes into looking after and training the dogs, this is why our staff are prepared to cut their rates in order to ensure that greyhound trainers get the best possible service at the most economical price.


It starts with a phone call or e-mail, all you need to do is express your interest and we will do the rest.

We specialise in the personal touch and work with individuals on anything from initial registration to year end returns.


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